Can Regreener really make a difference in the fight against climate change?

If our community grows big enough: yes! In the fight against climate change, every step in the right direction is important. Human behavior has a huge impact on climate change. We don’t say this to point a finger here, but it is up to us as mankind to undo the damage that was done by us. Billions of people across the world are worried about the direction we are heading. If lots of people join our platform to compensate their carbon footprint, whilst becoming more conscious of their footprints’ impact, this will make a huge difference. As a matter of fact: this will alter the course we’re on. It is important to say that even a gigantic Regreener community alone won’t cut it though. This initiative will not stop climate change or undo all damage that has been done. However, we do sincerely believe that our community will make a difference. We need joint action, and all green initiatives are helpful. If you want to do your part, please sign up now!

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