What kind of trees are you planting?

We are planting trees through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Our tree planting partner plants native species trees only. Eden Reforestation Projects never plants or introduces any invasive species at any of their project sites. As you can imagine, the trees that are planted vary between planting sites.
On behalf of Regreener, trees are planted in Kenya and Mozambique. Our projects in these countries include various species. Within our tree planting projects, the main focus is on mangrove trees for now. Research indicates that mangroves sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests. Mangroves also contain the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. Furthermore, it is known that mangroves play an important role in coastal ecosystems, and are renowned for an array of ecosystem services, including fisheries and fibre production, sediment regulation, and storm/tsunami protection.

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