How does your business model work?

We are not a charity, but a sustainable commercial company. So, you might wonder what our business model looks like. This is what happens to your money after you subscribe to our platform:
Step 1: After receiving your money, we pay VAT (value-added tax) to the government. On your invoice, you can see that 21% VAT is added to the purchase price. This 21% is paid to the tax authorities immediately. What’s left after paying the VAT is our revenue.
Step 2: 75% of our revenue goes into our climate change fighting projects and relevant transaction costs. This part of our revenue is called the Regreener Climate Fund. Through this fund we support some of the best climate change fighting projects out there. We plant trees, support anti-deforestation groups and invest in green energy and renewables. These projects compensate your carbon footprint. In your profile, you can see how much impact you have had so far by supporting these climate change solutions. Your profile shows the amount of trees planted and the CO2 that is compensated on your behalf. Your impact is visible and measurable, and the way your money is spent is transparent. We also publish proof of our tree planting, our carbon certificates and the donations that were made on behalf of the Regreener community. Therefore, the impact of the entire Regreener Community is transparent as well.
Step 3:The other 25% of our revenue is used to to run Regreener and to grow our platform. This part is used for things like transaction fees, team member compensation, hosting, licenses, marketing, IT & software, accounting, office rent and office costs. As it is our goal to create a big Regreener community, it is unavoidable that we make these costs. We want to create a community that has the power to really make a change. That’s why we need to spread the word. For that, just like any other company, we need people and resources.​

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