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Five Dutch Olympian athletes are taking a stand in the fight against climate change by compensating their CO2-emissions. Field hockey players Frederique Matla and Josine Koning, sailors Annette Duetz and Annemiek Bekkering and marathon runner Bart van Nunen have joined Regreener.

The environmentally conscious Olympians have decided to compensate their carbon footprint, as they wish to contribute to a better environment. The carbon footprints of the athletes are compensated on a monthly basis via Regreener. Compensation is provided by supporting a portfolio of projects, including tree planting in Kenya, protecting rainforest in Ecuador and supporting certified green energy projects.

Bart van Nunen: “As a matter of fact, this is just a small contribution to the fight against climate change. The more people join this mission, the bigger the chance we can actually have a positive impact on the environment. To me, the most important thing is that we can create awareness on climate change!”

TalentEmpowerment supports more then 30 international athletes

Athletes setting a example

Bertram Veen (Founder TalentEmpowerment): On average, top athletes emit almost five times more carbon than an average world citizen. Through our partnership with Regreener, TalentEmpowerment can do its part in creating a climate positive top sport environment. It is good to see that our athletes are very aware of climate change. That’s why we are really proud to send this amazing group of athletes to Tokyo in a climate positive way!

Bernard de Wit (Co-Founder Regreener): ''Besides the fact that we are talking about five fantastic athletes here, it is great to see that athletes of this level are aware of the climate problem and willing to do something about it. The partnership between TalentEmpowerment and Regreener is an important step in the right direction for athletes to set an example. We wish Frédérique, Josine, Annette, Annemiek and Bart success in Tokyo, and we sincerely hope that more top athletes will join our mission in the future.”

You can see the athletes’ profiles by clicking their names below.

Frederique Matla

Josine Koning

Bart van Nunen

Annette Duetz

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