New: Regreener Shopify app

Florine van den Bent

Marketing Manager at Regreener

Great news!

Planting trees has become even more accessible with the new possibility to integrate Regreener into Shopify webshops.

Shopify webshops can now take action in a simple, transparent way and contribute to greening our planet. Our Shopify app is ready. Through this app, webshops can realize green impact in just a few clicks.

How it works? Simple. A webshop has two options:

Integrated contributions, where for example for every order a tree is planted automatically;

Or by offering the end user the possibility to make a small additional contribution, which we use to plant a tree.

The realized impact can be viewed real-time in a clear profile, which can be shared with the outside world!

The Project

The trees that are financed through our Shopify app are planted in the Copperbelt province in Zambia. We do this in cooperation with our partner WeForest. The Copperbelt in Zambia is a hotspot for deforestation. Since 2011, WeForest has engaged hundreds of farmers in Luanshya province to regenerate more than 2,000 hectares through guided natural regeneration. This program is now being scaled up to 2 new districts in the Copperbelt.

Other webshops

We are working hard to make this integration also possible for webshops that use different e-commerce platforms! Do you have a webshop with another platform than Shopify? Please let us know and we will see what we can do for you!

Check our app in the Shopify app store by following this link.

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