Bagasse Cogeneration Project in Nicaragua

The Monte Rosa Bagasse Cogeneration Project is located in Nicaragua and involves the improvement of energy efficiency by retrofitting an existing biomass residue fired power plant. The retrofit increases the power generation capacity at the sugar and ethanol production mill, Monte Rosa. The project will reduce an estimated 115,000 tCO2 every year.


The bagasse generated during the crop season at the mill is continuously used by the project activity. Bagasse is considered a biomass residue of the sugarcane. Biomass residue is a by-product, residue or waste stream from agriculture, forestry and related industries.

Monte Rosa has always cared about other environmental issues, including preservation of local environment, constant improvement of preservation areas, adequate treatment of effluents and other residues, and is therefore in compliance with any applicable environmental regulation in Nicaragua, no other environmental impact assessment or documentation should be necessary for Monte Rosa Bagasse Cogeneration Project activity. The system controls the environmental impacts of the plant: residual water, gas emissions, solid waste, noise, dust and air quality.

Through the implementation of this project, Monte Rosa increases the amount of electricity generated and is able to sell electricity to the Nicaraguan grid, avoiding the dispatch of energy produced by fossil-fuelled thermal plants to that grid. The initiative avoids CO2 emissions and contributes to the regional and national sustainable development.

Goals of the project

  • To convert or transform natural elements into products required by the clients, satisfying their needs under the concept of sustainable development;
  • Support education, health and environmental projects to the Nicaraguan citizens and improve their life’s quality and country’s productivity;
  • Preservation of local environment;
  • Constant improvement of preservation areas; and
  • Adequate treatment of effluents and other residues.

Environmental Benefits

  • By installing a new boiler equipped with gas and ash water to maintain an acceptable level of emissions;
  • The project improves the structure and quantity of organic matter of the mill’s agriculture floors;
  • Use of water reduction;
  • Grooves that measure the amount of water that is discarded as residual water for its analysis and control;
  • The grooves’s measurements make it possible to use data modeling for future water reduction and clean production projects; and
  • Reforest the mills surroundings and all those areas where the sugar cane cultivation is not possible.

Socio-Economic Benefits

  • Monte Rosa assists 12 communities directly in topics of health education, sports and cultural recreation;
  • This project will generate income for local communities;
  • Local communities will generate income to provide for their families; and
  • Improve life’s quality and country’s productivity of the Nicaraguan.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Monte Rosa Bagasse Cogeneration Project

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