Compensation without subscription​

One-time contribution​

Plant trees and support (certified) CO2-reducing projects. You will receive an email with information about the projects you have supported with your contribution.


Pick one of the packages below or make a

Individual contribution

Make a difference on your own

Compensate 3 months


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 33 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 2,6 tonnes of CO2​

Start making a difference by planting 33 trees. Your trees will give a massive boost to the bio-diversity on and around the project site!

Compensate 6 months


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 66 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 5,3 tonnes of CO2​

Make the world a better place by planting 66 trees. Your trees create work hours and bio-diversity and make the world cooler!

Compensate 12 months


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 132 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 10,5 tonnes of CO2​

Great, you are willing to go the extra mile! Tree planting is an effective way to capture CO2. Your 132 trees will be a big help in doing so!

Family contribution

Set an example and make a difference with your family

Family kickstart


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 100 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 8 tonnes of CO2​

With this contribution you are making a positive impact on biodiversity, reducing as much as 8 tonnes of CO2.

Family boost


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 200 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 15,9 tonnes of CO2​

A great way to have a positive impact and contribute to our common goal of making our planet greener, reducing as much as 16 tonnes of CO2.

Family take-off


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 500 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 39,8 tonnes of CO2​

A real difference-maker, this mini-like forest will impact biodiversity and will have a positive impact on the lives of animals, meanwhile reducing CO2 with as much as 39,8 tonnes.

Business contribution

Do a push on behalf of your business

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can calculate your business contribution for you

Small business forest


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 1.000 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 79,6 tonnes of CO2​

With this contribution you are compensating the carbon footprint of 7 employees for one year, by planting 1.000 trees and reducing 80 tonnes of CO2.

Medium business forest


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 2.000 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 159,1 tonnes of CO2​

By planting 2.000 trees and reducing 159,1 tonnes of CO2 you have a very positive impact! By doing so, you are compensating the carbon footprint of 15 employees for one year.

Large business forest


  • tree-icon-black
    Plant 5.000 trees​
  • cloud
    Compensate 397,7 tonnes of CO2​

Perfect for businesses that are willing to go the extra mile! By planting 5.000 trees and reducing 397,7 tonnes of CO2, you compensate the carbon footprint of 38 employees for one year.

*VAT is included in these prices.​

Tailored contribution

Choose your own impact

At a minimum of €25 and in quantities of €1



Your impact

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    0 trees will be planted

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    0 tonnes of CO2 will be reduced