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That's the equivalent of

  • 246,60 roundtrips between Amsterdam and Barcelona

  • Walking instead of driving for 55514,51 kilometers

  • Eating 3,924,79 kilo's of meat

ZeeZout’s sustainable business choices

Let’s be crystal clear: emission prevention is better then compensation. Decrease your footprint by setting rules to live by below.

  • Planten toevoegen aan werkomgeving
  • Schakel alle elektrische apparaten uit na kantooruren
  • Biedt veganistische of vegetarische lunchmaaltijden aan
  • Installeer bewegingsgevoelige lichtschakelaars
  • Add plants to your workspace
  • Turn of all electric devices after office hours
  • Switch to eco-friendly office snacks
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products
  • Offer vegan or vegetarian meals for lunch
  • Donate or recycle old electronics
  • Incentivize greener methods of commuting
  • Establish a sustainability initiative task-force or green team

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