Guest blog: ESET Netherlands

Saranda Walgaard

Head of Corporate PR

ESET Netherlands has been part of the Regreener community for 7 months now and has risen to an impressive 12th place on the Regreener leaderboard. Therefore, we are honored that they wrote a guest blog about ESET's view on sustainability and the collaboration with Regreener.

About ESET

ESET Netherlands protects progress in a responsible and sustainable way.

Ever since our founding in 1987 in Slovakia, which began as a pioneering Digital Security company, we have been committed to protecting and enabling the social, scientific, and technological progress of businesses, critical infrastructure and consumers worldwide.

Now, more than three decades later, we can call ourselves the largest IT security company in the European Union. As a global leader in Digital Security, we are at the heart of digital security in Europe. And we are committed to this! Because in an increasingly digital world, we believe it is important that everyone can fully embrace and trust the potential of technology. So that progress, made possible by technology, can continue safely.

In the Netherlands, we do this with a team of 70 people who dedicate themselves to the digital safety of everyone in the Netherlands. We do this either from home or from our office in Sliedrecht. Not only through products and services, but also by sharing knowledge and offering support where necessary.

ESET & sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic for us, as an organization our pay-off is Progress.Protected. which for us stands for protecting technology and the progress that is made possible by technology. In our view, we need modern technology to solve challenges such as climate change, among others. We not only want to make the world a safer place, but also leave it a bit more beautiful and better for future generations.

As an organization, we try to play an active role in this. In the first place, by sharing knowledge about digital safety and increasing awareness around this subject. For example, by providing awareness training, our Online Safe knowledge platform and by cooperating with social partners. We also work hard for diversity and inclusiveness, and NGOs get free protection from us.

In the field of sustainability, we give old appliances a new life through our Techeveryone foundation. These appliances then go to people who would not be able to buy these themselves. We also have a bicycle plan to encourage staff who live near the office to come by bicycle instead of by car. We try to minimize our CO2 emissions and the resources we use, for example, we are moving towards a 'paperless office'. In addition, we are working with Regreener to offset the CO2 emissions of our organization and team.

We are not yet where we want to be in terms of sustainability, but we are on the right track and are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment.

It is not only us as an organization that finds it important to operate more sustainably, we also notice in the market that both the government and our own partners and major customers find sustainability an increasingly important topic. This is also reflected in our own team and by the people who apply to work for us; they want to work for socially responsible companies with a purpose, or at least a company that makes a positive contribution to society.

ESET has a deep sense of responsibility when it comes to sustainability. Our organization was once founded to solve a social problem - fighting computer viruses. When you have a business model that creates value through a social problem, you have an absolute responsibility to give back in the broadest sense of the word. We take that very seriously. It makes our work even more meaningful and we are happy to lead the way.

ESET & Regreener

We started working with Regreener at the end of February because as an organization we consider our social impact extremely important. Therefore we want to contribute in different ways, including CO2 compensation. This is how the first contact between ESET & Regreener came about and what ESET & Regreener can do for each other. Regreener’s values are very much in line with the social pillars we have at ESET and from there the cooperation arose. Meanwhile, we are already 7 months further and we have compensated quite some ecological impact of our ever-growing team!

On the Regreener dashboard, we can immediately see what this compensation looks like. According to this dashboard, in 7 months’ time we have already supported the planting of almost 3,000 trees, we protected almost 180 hectares of rainforest and compensated 385 tonnes of CO2.

That is equivalent to almost 680 round trips to Barcelona by plane or eating 10,800 kilos of meat and it feels good that we can do this for our team. Our ultimate goal is to make the world a little better every day with a total package of sustainable initiatives such as CO2 reduction and our CO2 offset with Regreener.

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