Explained: how we put your money to use

Transparency and trust are essential in what we do. We are not a charity, but a sustainable commercial company. This means that we are using part of your money to run the Regreener platform and to grow our community. The bigger the community, the bigger the impact. That’s why we believe growth is essential for us to make a real impact. In the pie chart on the right, you can see how we have put our revenue to use.

As you can see, 75% of our revenue goes into our climate change fighting projects and relevant transaction costs. On your profile you can keep track of your impact so far. You can see which climate change fighting projects you have supported. Your impact is visible and measurable, and the way your money is spent is transparent. We also show the impact of the entire Regreener Community. Furthermore, we post evidence of the trees we have planted, the donations we have made to rainforest conservation and the carbon certificates we have purchased, so that this process is transparent as well.

The 25% we use to run Regreener and to grow our platform is used cover necessary expenses and operational costs, such as office rent, office expenses, website hosting, licenses, team member compensation, marketing, IT, software, legal advice and accounting. As it is our goal to enlarge the Regreener community, it is unavoidable that we make costs. In order to create a community that has the power to really make an impact we need to spread the word. Logically, we need people and resources to make that happen.

Looking ahead, it is our intention to enable as much people as possible to regreen te planet. We have to make sure Regreener grows as a community and as a company. In order to reach our goals, we need your help as well. We truly feel that our way is the way forward: empowering people and enabling them to make a real impact on the fight on climate change has the potential to be highly effective. Please help us in spreading the word!

We cannot do this alone; we can only do this together.

Financial overview

The numbers

When we say we use your money to effectively fight climate change and that we value transparency, it is important that you have meaningful insight into this. Please check out our financial breakdown and the numbers of our joint impact as a community so far. Below, you will also find links to evidence of the number of trees planted, donations made to our rainforest conservation partner and the amount of carbon reduced by the Regreener community.

MonthRevenueCumulative Trees fundedTrees planted KenyaTrees planted MozambiqueCumulative trees purchasedTrees balanceCO2T fundedCumulative CO2T fundedTonnes of CO2 compensatedCO2T balance
March ‘2021 0 0 381 708 1.089 +1.089 0 0 0 0
April ‘2021 €38,07 0 601 1.115 2.805 +2.805 0 0 109 +109
May ‘2021 €1.947,62 3.826 453 842 4.103 +95 306,5 306,5 310 +3,55
June ‘2021 €2.469,90 4.487 1.925 3.575 9.603 +1.290 357,8 664,2 843 +178,8
July ‘2021 €3.187,21 6.315 2.210 4.105 14.703 +75 475,7 1139,9 1493 +353,1
August ‘2021 €3.047,50 5.673 1.960 3.640 20.303 +2 451,7 1591,6 1493 -99
September ‘2021 €3.042,01 5.732 2.006 3.726 26.303 +270 456,4 2048,0 2423 +375
October ‘2021 €4.483,46 8.236 2.883 5.353 34.303 +1 657,3 2705,3 3053 +348

Evidence of tree planting Purchase receipts



Evidence of rainforest protection Donation receipts



Evidence of carbon reduction Carbon offset certificates