How your business can take climate action


Create a workforce plan

Your entire workforce will become climate positive. You'll be compensating their entire carbon footprint, including Scope 3 travel emissions, diet, hobbies and more.


Integrate climate action

Plant trees for every transaction, offer your customers the possibility to add green impact or simply use a % of your revenue to achieve green impact.

The perks of being part of our community

Impact that makes a difference

Cultivate a new kind of company legacy. Your impact will grow every month and be visible for your employees and customers to see on your public sustainability profile.

Taking care of your employees

Sustainability is one of the most important pull factors for employees in this day and age. Retain your hires and attract talent by realizing impact on their behalf.

Public sustainability profile

Demonstrate the incredible climate impact you’re having with your own public facing business profile page (private profile is also possible).



trees planted



hectares of rainforest



tonnes of certified
carbon compensated



working hours

Be a force for good

Climate Positive Badges

Serve as an inspiration by showing your Climate Positive Badges on your website and celebrate the impact you have made as a business.


What our customers say

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    Business plan

    Regreener allows us to easily offset our carbon footprint and work towards creating a positive climate impact. It’s easy, transparent, and inspiring!

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    NØLSON Shirts

    Business plan

    Finally, we have the opportunity to do our part in an easy and affordable way. We are proud to be a part of this movement!

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    Archipel Tax Advice

    Business plan

    With Regreener's help, we can finally be a Climate Positive Tax Firm! We'd recommend anyone to join this initiative.

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Blog posts

"The name ‘mangroves’ refers to approximately 110 tree species that are able to survive in saline or brackish water and are found in intertidal zones along tropical and subtropical coasts around the world."

Bob Kreiken, Scientific Advisor

Read our Science Blog:
Science Blog: Marveling at Mangroves

"We partner with the most reliable and sustainable organisations and projects out there in order to make a lasting impact on nature and communities."

Impact and transparency

How we choose our projects:
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Act in accordance with international standards

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