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Average shoe
size employees


per employee / month*

The perfect plan for employees with an average carbon footprint.

Includes minor business travel: short distance commuter traffic (public transport or by car) and 1 continental return flight.


Large shoe
size employees


per employee / month*

The plan for employees with a large carbon footprint.

Includes medium business travel: long distance commuter traffic, frequent travel by car or no more than 3 continental return flights.




per employee / month*

The plan for employees with a truely big carbon footprint.

Includes major business travel: going around by car (a lot!) or making frequent (inter)continental flights.

  • Total number of employees 0 employees

Your business’ impact

  • 0_img Trees planted per month 0 trees
  • 1_img Tonnes of CO2 compensated per month 0 tonnes
  • Total per month excluding VAT €0,00
  • Total per month including 21% VAT €0,00

*VAT is not included in this price.