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A Global problem

The current situation is crystal clear: we have been dealing with rising carbon emissions for quite some time. This has resulted in a rise in temperature in a way we have never seen before. We are currently on a path which will lead us past the 1,5°C degree tipping point.

The consequences of this would be paramount: rising water levels, dramatic biodiversity loss, extreme weather conditions. Ultimately this will result in a planet that becomes unliveable for future generations. This is a clear problem that will affect all of us, regardless of  geolocation, as well as future generations. It is time for action.

B The solution

This problem has a solution. There’s no magic involved, it’s simple math. However, we need a structural, joint, comprehensive effort from lawmakers, companies and civilians to tackle this problem. We need to do this together.

If we (that’s me, you, your father, grandmother, supermarket, employer and government) support green initiatives, we regreen the planet and stimulate biodiversity, whilst capturing CO2. By doing that, we prevent the earth’s temperature from going past an irreversible tipping point.

There are various ways to do this. For example, trees are very effective in sequestering CO2 (if planted in the right way). Planting trees and preventing deforestation can really make a difference. Amongst many others, making the shift from fossil fuels to green energy is also a game changer.


There’s nothing
I can do about
climate change.

Sounds familiar, right?


C Our approach

We need a structural and sustainable effort to help reverse the process that we are currently in. We need to do this together! A growing community of individual contributors and companies will help to solve this problem.

We like to keep it simple. That’s why we focus on regreening the planet via subscriptions packages, but we also offer the possibility to do a one-time contribution.

The subscriptions form the basis of Regreener, as they give us the most secure outlook and certainty to do what we want to do: regreen the world. It’s also essential that Regreener grows, so that we can reach more people and companies, thereby achieving even more impact.

How does Regreener work?

It’s simple, straightforward, and transparent.


Sign up for a subscription or make a one-time contribution


We use your contribution to support the best projects out there


You keep track of
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Regreener was founded in 2021. We felt we had to do our part in what we see as the biggest problems of our time: climate change. We strongly feel that we cannot shy away from our responsibility as humans to undo as much as we can from the harm we have done to our planet and to the creatures that inhabit it. The consequences of climate change are dire and affect all of us, and the time for change is now.

We trust science and believe that complaining about the current state of affairs, or turning a blind eye is not the way forward. As far as we’re concerned the way forward is to be realistic and optimistic: we can turn this around. We need to work hard and make sure we work together – tree by tree, project by project.

We are always thankful for feedback, ideas, and questions that will help more people join our mission to fight climate change. Do you have input for us? Please feel free to reach out to info@regreener.eu at any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


He was planting oak trees. I asked him if the land belonged to him. He answered no. Did he know whose land it was? He did not know. He supposed that it was communal land, or perhaps it belonged to someone who did not care about it. He himself did not care to know who the owners were. In this way he planted his one hundred acorns with great care.

After the noon meal, he began once more to pick over his acorns. I must have put enough insistence into my questions, because he answered them. For three years now he had been planting trees in this solitary way. He had planted one hundred thousand. Of these one hundred thousand, twenty thousand had come up. He counted on losing another half of them to rodents and to everything else that is unpredictable in the designs of Providence. That left ten thousand oaks that would grow in this place where before there was nothing.

It was at this moment that I began to wonder about his age. He was clearly more than fifty. Fifty-five, he told me. His name was Elzéard Bouffie.

From The Man Who Planted Trees (1953)
By Jean Giono